Hello world!

The World

Welcome to First Build God, the home of my musings and observations for the next year.

The crafting of this post happens from inside an office in a commercial law firm in Johannesburg, where I will be spending the next three weeks slowly siphoning off all my “work” to the unfortunate wage-donkeys who occupy the offices around me.

At best I will draw a salary for planning the itinerary for the year ahead at worst I will don my cyber speedo and dive into the Wikipedia sea where I’ll spend my days exploring such delights as may emerge from its warm and murky depths. Its going to be a tough month.

Once the hard work is done I will head into the belly of a hungry Boeing and make my way off into the world. Destination unknown.

Should you wish to check in from time to time and as my travels plans emerge (hopefully as divined from the profound swirlings of my next tequila) I will keep you abreast of, well, things.


3 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Mr Memetic Says:

    u r gay lol

  2. Mr Memetic Says:

    u r still gay lol

  3. Honey, I'm home! « First Build God Says:

    […] and our 5 day estimation on the leading of evidence turned into 10 days. But of course I board the beast (if you know what I mean…) in the not to distant future and make my way over to frog-filled […]

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