International Day of the Punani

acacia tree

Its Women’s Day.

Time to pay lip service (ahem) to those magical and beautiful creatures who mother earth and keep us tyrannical phalluses in check.

So if you’re tired of smacking your bitch up and your usual trees aren’t being as warm and responsive as usual – hug the next woman that walks past you. Grope her bum even. Women love that.

And why the Acacia tree picture to head this post instead of a famous lesbian or Kofi Annan? I thought you’d never ask (you didn’t? Oh). Ostensiby the acacia is given to women by men in Italy. And while I’m sure they don’t give them the whole tree, they should. Italian men are pansies.

** The Prodigy “Smack my Bitch Up” music video may not be the most appropriate or sensitive manner in which to address the importance of the day at hand but the surprise ending is a beautiful thing which I think makes a meaningful contribution to the issues **


5 Responses to “International Day of the Punani”

  1. Champagne Heathen Says:

    What am I going to do with a whole accacia tree exactly!?!

    Good for you, for being on the UN ball. I almost feel ashamed at not having realise. Now where my moment of being honoured – please pass the hot men this way!

  2. dazz Says:

    Apparently the Acacia can be used as a mild hallucinogenic. Now with a whole tree…

  3. Lord Wiggly Says:

    Hey dazz. Love the analogies. Cool site! Is it started after one of those ‘hate my life lemme bugger off overseas somewhere and doss on a stranger’s couch’ kinda crises? Nothing wrong. Day of the Punda is special. Duly note that many ‘global’ bums will be groped today.

  4. dazz Says:

    Thanks Lord (ooh, it sounds great to say that).

    Blog is supposed to be a template for telling the myriad of poen stories that I’m hoping will happen while I hog a strangers couch. But for the next few weeks and until I make my way abroad I’ll do some random storytelling, you know, keeping it in the style of love.

    You can even wolfwhistle, nothing sexier to the female ear. proven.

  5. Mr Memetic Says:

    Champaigne Heathen:

    I’m a hot guy. But this will only work if you have a severe case of myopia.

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