Springtime for Hitler!


In perhaps the most arbitrary move by an international organisation since 12 people decided to march in the Johannesburg yesterday afternoon in an attempt to raise awareness on crime (look pal, if you haven’t cottoned on yet…), a deputy in the state legislature of Lower Saxony, Germany has convinced fellow Social Democrats to file a motion to review whether the citizenship of Adolf Hitler, extended in 1932 can be rescinded, sixty-two years after his death.

This particular politician seems to think that the move would be a “symbolic step” against the Nazi leader and the horrors he unleashed and was reported as saying that:

“…while the gesture of rescinding citizenship carried symbolic importance, it is not my intention to whitewash Nazi history … This should never serve to play down history along the lines of ‘Look, he wasn’t a German at all…'”

Well you’ll forgive us then for thinking that you’re a complete twat. Without downplaying the events of yesteryear, dead is, well, dead and raising the issue now seems to smack of self-serving political grandstanding.

My apologies for even mentioning it. Here is something to take the edge off:


** Update : It would appear that Champers and her social conscience are pretty annoyed at the lack of walkers at yesterday’s march. Hate to let the team down, but I think we all know the extent to which crime is a problem. And I had a serious poker game on at the Jolly. Priorities. **


4 Responses to “Springtime for Hitler!”

  1. Champagne Heathen Says:

    I’ve always thought Hitler was Austrian-born actually.

    As for the march… ja ja, it was on Saturday morning, so your poker game was perfectly safe. As for the objectives of the march -I’ve replied to your comment on my blog, but basically, it was not about awareness, but about making Mbeki quiver in his croc-skin boots to the point he would be scared enough by his electorate to actually react more appropriately.

  2. dazz Says:

    he was. dropped his austrian citizenship in favour of ze germans.

    talk about backfiring huh? Now he gets to go out there and say “look, no one really cares…”

  3. hotpinkflush Says:

    Damn pity bout that march but hell…

  4. Mr Memetic Says:

    His art did suck…

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