The Coolest Trailer of All Time Ever. Ever.


I’m not kidding. Its the Fantastic Four Sequel – Rise of the Silver Surfer and its … fantastic. And if you don’t watch it before you die, well, no one will care. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


3 Responses to “The Coolest Trailer of All Time Ever. Ever.”

  1. Mr Memetic Says:

    Oh, you’re hectically in love with it I see?

    Yeah it is clever, because it’s such a smooth way to advertise your movie without revealing any spoilers. I hope they leave it as is, and don’t ruin it by releasing a 3 minute trailer that reveals half the surprises. This does a good enough job of whetting appetites.

    The previous one was fun. Very much a whisky-and-preztels movie, but not much else. This one looks set to surpass it in coolness-value.

    Not only that, but Julian MacWhatshisname is reprising his role as Dr Doom, which is excellent news.

    And I have a feeling, based on the nature of Silver Surfer’s origin, that the awesome and terrifying Galactus will be rocking up, with a very very very BIG appetite…

  2. Phlippy Says:

    Dude- I am so excited for this movie it is insane. Have you played Marvel Ultimate Alliance? You can be the Silver Surfer if you unlock him. Go to and movie trailers. You should be able to set up a subscription for the latest movie trailers coming out. good value

  3. Mr Memetic Says:

    Phlippy, personally my favourite character in MUA was Electra. A hot ninja babe. I bet she could take out Buffy.

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