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Don’t you hate those startling realisations, epiphanies if you will, that really fuck with the way you have always perceived and understood the world? Like when you found out for the first time that Aerosmith weren’t actually singing “do the lucky lady” or when you were laughed at for thinking that Credence Clearwater Revival were telling you that “there’s a bathroom on the right“.

I stumbled across this exciting page the other day, that sets out to show that everything you’ve ever known and trusted about the world (thanks to Mikey and Steve in Grade 2) is in fact wrong.

Its bloody terrific!

Of course some of the espoused facts could only be believed by a complete moron but some of them really surprised me. I mean I thought that the fact that men thought about sex every seven seconds was scientific gospel, but no:

Males are driven to reproduce, evolutionarily speaking, but there is no scientific way of measuring to what extent that desire consumes their everyday lives. Thankfully, for world productivity as a whole, seven seconds seems a gross overstatement, as best researchers can tell.

And how about this absolute shocker (apologies in advance…). I bet that you always thought that lightning never struck the same place twice. Haha, in fact:

Lightning favours certain spots, particularly high locations. The Empire State Building is struck about 25 times every year. Ben Franklin grasped the concept long ago and mounted a metal rod atop the roof of his home, then ran a wire to the ground, thereby inventing the lightning rod.

I know, I know, its difficult to deal with all at once. But the coup de grâce for me was this little gem:

It takes seven years to digest gum?

While it may prove a bit more difficult to break down than organic foodstuffs, chewing gum gets no special treatment from the digestive system. Doctors figure this old wives’ tale was invented to prevent kids from swallowing the rubbery substance.

It may also surprise you to know that the Great Wall of China is not the only man-made structure visible from space, humans use more than 10% of their brains (well, some of them anyway) and water drains either way down a sink, depending on the sink’s structure not its location relative to the equator.

Well here’s to hoping that a dynamically shifting world view engenders growth and wisdom and not a one way ticket to Insaneville, Idaho.


11 Responses to “Myths Busted”

  1. Hangerstyle Says:

    Work just became a tad bit more educational. Bring on the infant like learning curve……

  2. dazz Says:

    I can’t wait to swallow my gum.

  3. Mr Memetic Says:

    I use 100%, fool!

  4. Mr Memetic Says:

    This site sucks. It doesn’t get updated and everyone is boring. There’s a slightly more exciting blog here: http://www.watchpaintdry/

  5. Dean James Says:

    Mr Memetic,
    That was really funny. Clever fake URL. You must be a funny guy. I’m sure you make what few friends you have laugh. Unfortunately, it seems what you have in comedy skill you lack in empathy. Have you ever tried to maintain a blog? Not the easiest thing in the world. Anyone who puts in the effort to get one going is commendable in my book. Maybe you should actually do rather than point and sneer. Humility is not a bad thing.

  6. Mr Memetic Says:

    Hmmm. Need a retort need a retort… Ah, none come to mind, curses! Jam.. er Dean James, you must be a cool guy so cool in fact I think you should find a nice fast convertible and a long stretch of freeway to ride it on…

  7. Dean James Says:

    It seems humility, as a word, is like kryptonite to you. You arsehole.

  8. Mr Memetic Says:

    Oh okay, I see. Basically, you’re saying that I’m, well, I’m, hmmm…
    Wait! I have it! That I am like the Last Son of Krypton! A funny tune is coming into my head…the theme song for a super-strong rodent who used to fly around saving people or mice or gerbils…

    “Dean James never hangs around
    When he hears this Mighty sound.

    ‘Here I come to save the day!’

    That means Mr Memetic is on his way!
    Yes sir, when there is a wrong to right
    Mr Memetic will join the fight!
    On the sea or on the land,
    He gets the situation well in hand!
    And Dean James is a douche bag.”

    Wow. Good poetry always brings tears to my eyes…

  9. Dean James Says:

    Yes, so obviously you’re very dry eyed. And you’re comparing yourself to a rodent? Good God, man, get some self-esteem! You obviously are sick and need immediate mental medical attention.

  10. Mr Memetic Says:

    Man, you take this stuff way to seriously. You’re like the Sean Penn of the Blogging World. I may be a wackjob, but you definitely need to sort out your emotional issues and anger problem. May I suggest visiting Jack Nicholson?

  11. Mr Memetic Says:

    Man, you take this stuff way too seriously. You’re like the Sean Penn of the Blogging World. I may be a wackjob, but you definitely need to sort out your emotional issues and anger problem. May I suggest visiting Jack Nicholson?

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