The Ten Year Rule?


A man is dead.

A man who’s influence over the sporting world spread far and wide – from his marginal success as an English cricketer, to his resounding successes with the South African cricket side (well resounding is perhaps a little strong – his team were by far the best one day international side in the arena of the time, but they couldn’t get a world cup win in the bag), not to mention his controversial views on ball tampering

And so, there is only really one thing left to do: make terrible jokes at his demise. Without further ado:


“It’s official – the Pakis are real chokers…”

“Pakistan may not have won the cricket – but they’ll win the Bobslay…”

Well that last one, as The Man pointed out to me over the naweek, is more of an aural quip.

More as they occur.


One Response to “The Ten Year Rule?”

  1. Sword Saint Says:

    Cut the Pakistanis a break…It was Spinal Tap,

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