Why I’m here [updated circa 2011]

To ramble, to muse, to amuse.

I was an attorney in Johannesburg, South Africa. I quit and spent a year making my way through South America and Australia. It was interesting. There was booze. There were also boobs.

It was all very exciting.

Now I’m back.

Roll credits.


2 Responses to “Why I’m here [updated circa 2011]”

  1. Champagne Heathen Says:

    And I cannot wait for the stories!!

    I am LOVING the header & the name of your blog by the way!! Although, does this mean sweet innocent me won’t be be seeing you in Heaven then??

    Happy Well-Wish Travelling Smoooooches!

  2. dazz Says:

    Thanks for checking in! I can’t wait for the stories either.

    And heaven is for the weak. At least in hell they serve single malt.

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